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spanish 2 classes

Wednesday, August 25, 2021: 

Students will use their ipads to access 

PowerLearningApp-based online textbooks 

& other materials for Spanish 2 class.   They 

must bring their materials to class each day, 

and they must also be able to access my 

webpage.   Students should plan to study at 

least 20 minutes each evening for Spanish 

class, whether they have homework or not.   

They can study grammar & vocabulary, and they 

can also use my QUIZLET account for more practice.   

PowerLearning will be updated each day, and the webpage will also reflect what is on 

PowerLearning.    Students should use the Spanish 2 files 

page to access these handouts:   

Handout: Spanish I Study Guide 
Handout: Spanish I Preliminary Vocabulary 

Handout: Spanish I Syllabus 
Handout: Parent Contact Information